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AMERISEARCH BACKGROUND ALLIANCE Offers Background Screening Services In Over 240 Countries Around The World.

Credit Reports (Employment Purposes Only)

Enhances traditional employment decisions-making tools such as applications, jobs testing, interviews etc. by:
  • Quickly verifying the information received from the application and other sources.
  • Expands on information such as civil court filings, bankruptcy, collections etc.
  • Reveals potential conflicting information, which requires additional information or clarification.
  • Providing information on historical financial responsibility information that may have an impact on job performance.

Motor Vehicle Report (DL or CDL)

Provides fast (most states are instant), consistent reporting with direct access to driving records. Each report contains the dates and descriptions of any violations, suspensions and/or revocations. Amerisearch can also provide a 10 year MVR records at additional costs. Please note that additional State fees apply.

Advanced Candidate Review

Amerisearch will send one of our investigators to visit and interview a candidate in their home, office or convenient location. Our interview process often provides a unique perspective, as we have found that candidates are more willing to reveal clues about themselves in a familiar environment as compared with your direct business setting. With our system you will have the opportunity to create questions you would like our interviewers to ask and the results will be posted to our on line system. In addition our system has the ability upload photographs that can be taken during the interview which are then available for view.

Workers Compensation

This search will help identify previous conditions or injuries, enabling an employer to make reasonable accommodations and participate in applicable state second injury funds. Most states require a signed release.

Note: It is a violation of State and Federal Law to obtain and subsequently use this information, prior to making any offer of employment.

Adverse Results And Adverse Action Notices:

  • Confirmed criminal finding’s does not necessarily have to result in withdrawing a offer to the candidate. Corporate policy and procedures govern this action.
  • If criminal records results require withdrawing an offer or termination of an employee, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that a Pre-Adverse Action letter (provided on our system) be sent to the candidate or employee. Additionally, you must include a copy of their report, along with an attachment of the individual’s rights under FCRA rules.
  • The Pre-Adverse Action letters will direct the candidate to call Amerisearch Background Alliance within 3 to 5 business days to any disputed any findings on our report. Amerisearch Background Alliance will research and correct any false information, notify all sources of any inaccuracies and report the corrected information back to the candidate and client upon completion of the investigation.
  • If no corrections are required with the 3 to 5 day time frame, or if corrections do not result in a clear or suitable report, a Final Adverse Action Letter (provide on our system) is to be issued by you or Amerisearch Background Alliance.

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