National Criminal Database

Includes two (2) enhanced databases which provide approximately one (1) billion criminal records. Because data can vary greatly between private databases, Amerisearch has combined the two largest databases in order to reduce the opportunity for a missed record. No databases are ever as complete as direct county court search,  however a two database system will help provide a more comprehensive review of any potential criminal activity over a single database system. These databases are updated every 30 days and contain historical data that may been redacted from county criminal records or State Criminal Repositories. Also included are, “All State Sex Offender Registries” and “OFAC Terrorist Watch List”.

Note: Each Criminal record found in our database must be verified by a court research in accordance with the FCRA (Federal Credit Reporting Act) in order to verify completeness and accuracy and the most up to date status.

Social Security Address Trace and Verification

Provides address history using the SSN through social security administration number. This product compares and verifies the accuracy of the provided Social Security Number to the individual candidates information.  The system automatically corrects, when necessary, the candidate’s information and then provides the most current and past residences, which reduces turnaround time and saves your company money.

Federal Court Research

Provides a search that would return offenses that are tried in a Federal court such as drug trafficking, embezzlement, bank robbery or tax evasion. This product will provide details such as case number, date of filing, charges and the current status of the case. Please note, that Federal information is not contained in any National Criminal Databases. Federal courts are divided by State and then district. A statewide search at one low price is offered for the Federal District Courts throughout the specified States. The standard Federal Regional search is 7 years; however this can be enhanced to 10 years.

County Criminal Court Search (Based on 7 or 10 Years of Past Residency )

Felony and Misdemeanor research is automatically conducted on any and all counties of residency regardless of State or number of residences for the past 7 years. Residency is based on current address plus all records drawn from the Social Security Address Trace (Trac). Additional addresses within this 7 year time period may be added by you or by the candidate.

Single County Criminal Search

Provides criminal history reports from all US counties. Our team of experienced investigators researches and reports back to our clients the most accurate records in our industry.

Statewide Criminal Searches (Non-Database)

States with special prices: Alabama, Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.

A county level search is conducted in all upper level and some municipal courts within the requested state. Results will include all felony and misdemeanor filed as maintained within each court. Additional information may include disposition date, final date, sentencing information, location and any additional verifiers listed on the docket.

Civil Court Searches

Searches for the upper and/or lower court records provide a report of any civil litigation. Results include name of plaintiff, defendant, date filed, type of action and current status. The standard search includes the last 7 years but a 10 year search is also offered. Please note that cases may only be verified by name and address, but there is no date of birth in civil records.

Global Reports

FBI Fugitive List, US BIS Denied Person List and Ineligible Firms List from World Bank, Interpol, Most Wanted, State Department Exclusions, OSFI-Canadian Sanction List, UN Consolidated Sanctions List, Politically Exposed Persons List and European Union Terrorism List.
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