AMERISEARCH BACKGROUND ALLIANCE Offers Background Screening Services In Over 240 Countries Around The World. Availability of Services Does Vary Between Counties And Turnaround Times Are Traditionally 2-12 Days

Employer Work History

Verification of employment- one at a time. Additional options include, verification for three, five or seven years of work history. The choice is yours. Questions include confirmation of name, work history, salaries, if eligible for re-hire and more. “GAP Finder” (see information below), included at no additional charge.

Dot Employment Verification

To help our transportation companies be in compliance with D.O.T, Amerisearch has now developed a D.O.T compliant, previous employer reference verification product in 2 parts.

Part 1, includes standard application questions such as:

It also includes additional questions such as:

Part 2 includes, the standard D.O.T drug and alcohol Questionnaire. This document is available in the” Docs and Forms” section of our system, for easy access and upon completion may be attached to the drivers report by fax or by your computers download system.

This included 7 question required by DOT and any supporting documentation which we will electronically linked to the Individuals encrypted reports giving you easy access. All previous employer information will be available on the background report. In addition, all adverse documentation, such are previous driving records or accident reports etc., will be hyperlinked (electronically attached in PDF form) to the drivers report for access through our encrypted system at any time. These secured documents may be retrieved from our system on screen or printed out for DOT, DOD audit or for other review purposes, at any time.

*Please note that these are live interview not a data base which reduces errors and gives you the most accurate information.

Education Verification

Verification of the highest attained Degree, graduation verification, years of attendance and more. This product may be linked to “GAP Finder” for quicker verification results.

Professional License Verification

Verification of professional license(s) held, licensure status, expiration date and other information provided by the licensing agency.

Medical Sanctions, Medical/Dental

Medical sanction information is searched to find histories on individuals and entities in the healthcare field. Reports on disciplinary actions; including exclusions, debarments, probation and letters of reprimand. The search includes information provided by Federal agencies as well as more than 800 licensing and certified agencies located in all 50 states. The search also references the Office of Foreign Asset Control, SDN and Blocked Persons List.

Military Service Record Verification

Verification based on DD214 information; includes date of service, honorable/dishonorable discharge, service branch, level of service and more. All verifications are completed direct with the Military which may take up to 4 weeks.

Professional Reference Check

Our trained professional staff will conduct telephone interviews to obtain the information you request from the reference. Amerisearch believes that it is important that we ask the questions our clients want answered. Therefore, a feature of this report allows you to provide up to 10 pre-established questions. Both the questions and answers will appear on the report.

Please call or email us for more information 800-569-6133 or

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